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  Schlachthaus 2005 Bern, Switzerland

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Mass graves
Bone 7
Schlachthaus Theater Berne
December 2005

At that time the mass graves found in Iraq and the horrifiying images, which were showed in media were our topic. Our reaction to this issue leads us to this performance. Ali speaks on Arabic at the beginning of the performance about our trip to Baghdad. This incomprehensible monologue shows the not perceived speaking of dead people in mass graves. We wanted to show the image of people who speak without being heard.
Wathiq showed body parts of mannequins as a relationship to the individual terms. The mourners relate these different body parts with a deceased relatives and bury them. The picture is like a moment of a media. And so they remain in the memories. In another picture Ali chopped onions to provocate crying. The idea combines the natural reaction to artificial crying. Alirubbed the onion, which has made him crying to a photo of mass graves.

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