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  Kunsthof 2005 Zürich, Switzerlandl

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> Kunsthof 2005 Zürich, Switzerland

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The Longest Day: 16-hours Non-Stop-Performance.
Kunsthof Zurich
June 21 2005, from 05.28am to 09.25pm

"The direct, quick passed, actionist, installative and musical interventions are shown in Kunsthof for 15 hours and 57 minutes. There is a thinking-place, an event where visual and musical signs are setting. The presence of artists and audience as well as the framework create an unique atmosphere. Location and time are the only requirements. Available: Kunsthof, a level plattform (5x5m), an outlet, one hour time. Kunsthof is an open courtyard and a public space, that is not weather protected. It is located at a busy and congested road.
"Media Shool of Art and Design Zurich

The word of Terror
In the middle of the courtyard there is a stage covered by a silver leaf. At the beginning of the performance there take place a conversation between the performers, with questions in Arabic language which are answered in English. By the English answer, people guesse the question. A large balloon is inflated and burst. A rolled newspaper is rolled away from the stage. The performers sign a path, which led to the road. While one of the performers is rolling the newspaper, the other is marking with black ink headlines and images.

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