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> Festival Particules 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
> HSLU T&A in Horw 2009 Luzern, Switzerland
Open international Performance Festival 2009
> Beijing, China

> Zoom Festival 2009 Hildsheim, Germany
> Schiesingerplatz 2008 Wien, Austria
Momentum Festival 2008 Prussel, Belgium
> Kaskadenkondensator 2007 Basel, Switzerland
> Bahnhofstr 2006 Zürich, Switzerland
> Schlachthaus 2005 Bern, Switzerland
> Kunsthof 2005 Zürich, Switzerland

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The performances we presented the last 9 years have all the same basic idea. We want to find a material that we combine to another or with the location to produce different images.
Trough the various rooms and contents the performance differs from other art works. The large volume of material the changing of place and time and the infinite possibilities of topics make the performances always renewable and expressive. The same work can be monotonous too, if you cannot feel any variations in the created images. In another kind of art, these views for a work are not possible.

We think that the whole performance should be designed, to present images; instant images without word translation.
We try to perform in this way: images, moments, change, disappearing from the place and staying in the memory. We hope that it’s coming across like this to the spectators. All the images of a performance have together the target to present our theme. The spectators translate them by feelings and not by the mind. It’s so possible to have a pure mediation.

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