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  lOpen international Performance Festival 2009 Beijing, China

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Open international Performance Festival 2009
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Open International Performance Art Festival is the first in China and is the largest and longest in the history of an unofficial and non-governmental International Performance Art Festival.
Founded in the year 2000 when performance art was developing into prosperous , it was designed to establish a "free international performance art platform."
In 2000 the first International OPEN Arts Festival was directed by Chen Jin, Shu Yang and Zhu Ming.
By the year 2008, 9 Arts Festivals have been held successfully in Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an, and other places and cities such as Changchun. Hundreds of domestic and international artists who came from more than 30 different countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Singapore, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Poland, France and as well as mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan participated in the festival.
At the same time, there are many important art critics at home and abroad and international curators involved in the planning.
It is the first , oldest and most influential international performance art festival in the scope of China
The first OPEN international performance art festival in 2000 was held in the period when the society was not relatively open, meanwhile it was interfered by the government and the police. As a result, many works were completed in private space and with no audiences.
Although in such bad background and the environment, OPEN international Performance Art Festival has lasted for 9 years and witnessed the development of Chinese contemporary art.It plays a tremendous role in promoting the cultural development and exchanges to explore the world of art.
Festival album is published by the Hong Kong New Century press in overseas.
As one of the most important Performing Art Festivals by the international, it attracts the general concern of the arts community and establishs long connection with Japan International Arts Festival, the European Performance Art International, the Philippines International Performance Art Festival, the Hong Kong drama Yan, Taipei Arts Festival acts of performance art and other international organizations.

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